Our Story

Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix is a North Carolina handcrafted Southern Classic. Finally, here’s a sophisticated mixer that starts out sweet and finishes savory. Try it on its own or slosh in a little vodka (we like tomato or cucumber flavor!); prime your glass with Bruce’s own Rimmer; garnish with a piece or two of our Sassy Okra; and kick back: Our delicious blend instantly conjures a lazy Sunday morning on the porch, no matter where you happen to be doing your sipping.

Bruce Julian Bloody Mary Mix is packaged to capture the essence of southern hospitality, no matter what size the party—from a 4-oz Single (slip that one into your golf bag!) and 6.7-oz Traveler flask (the instant picnic pick-me-up) to our Classic 32-oz Mason jar, 64-oz Entertainer, and One-Gallon Weekender, perfect for brunch, tailgating, and weekend getaways.