Jack's Jubilee

$ 14.95

These incredibly delicious and beautiful chocolate covered cherries, chocolate covered blueberries, and yogurt covered raisins are packaged in vertical red, white, and blue stripes. We use only the highest quality dried fruit, chocolate and other ingredients.

Our Inspiration
Paul's dad Jack was born July 4, 1919 and lived to be over 100 years old. Like so many of the Greatest Generation, Jack served his country in the military during World War II. Home from the war, Jack built a good life inspiring many over his 100+ years.

Jack’s Jubilee celebrates our heroes and lives well lived. We donate 1% of sales to Operation Gratitude (www.OperationGratitude.com) to help support heroes and their families. Heroes get hungry too!

Shelf Life: 9 months
Net Weight: 16 oz

This product is available from September through June.